Liquids, Lotions & Lubricants

We have a lubricant for just about every occasion, from solo play to orgy. 

Choose your lubricants carefully. Some toys are not compatible with certain lubricant properties. For example: cyberskin/real feel or silicone based toys are not to be used with silicone based products as they can cause them to break down, and that's not good for anybody. 

The products carried by Pearl Pleazures are chosen for our customers various needs and wants. Some are looking for increased sensations while others are needing a product that will help desensitize specific parts of the body in order achieve the desired activity. Many choose one product over another and for their own reasons. We will make every effort to to provide as wide of a range as possible so that you can find YOUR needed product here. 

Your best bet is a water-based product and we carry many. Just be aware that with water based products you might need more of it than you will an oil or silicone based lubricant.

If you are looking for something for anal play, go with a product specifically designed for it or a silicone based lube.